Responsible for a crybabies toys Budget? 10 Terrible Ways to Spend Your Money

This is a term I have used to describe some of the toys that are out there that come across as really, really creepy. These are the kinds of toys that come with the idea that you can get away with anything and get away with murder. There is even a term for them: crybabies.

While I feel the whole “crybaby” trend is silly, these toys still have the potential to be really creepy, even if they are not. What makes them creepy is that they are so obviously, genuinely creepy that they don’t need to be creepy in the first place. One thing we are trying to do is to make our games and toys more human so that when we want to give someone a truly creepy game then we can.

Crybabies are definitely one of those things that you cant help but be creeped out by. The fact that they are made so that they are obviously made by someone who is so obviously creepy that they can be made to be creepy, and you can even go so far as to use the same idea to get your own creepy toys, is a really brilliant idea. So much potential here.

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