What Sports Can Teach Us About kachina dolls images

It seems like we’ve learned a lot about the human mind in the last few decades of neuroscientific research. We’ve learned that our thoughts are not just thoughts, but also emotions, memories, and other information. It’s all a mental record of how we’re feeling at the moment, and of our inner thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

Well, that is pretty cool. But what about the kachina dolls? Their images, we are told, are stored in the minds of kachina dolls. These dolls, we are told, have come from a special kind of alien. Weve never seen one before because in fact they don’t exist in the universe of the movies. They are only in our minds, and only in our minds.

What this means is that we have to learn to “read” each other in this time loop. I imagine it takes a lot of practice, but it can be done. What you’re reading now is a pretty good starting point, but it’s not a very good guide.

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