5 Laws Anyone Working in lala loopsy dolls Should Know

I’ve been playing with making the dolls I got with a friend this summer a bit more unique. The ones that I originally made for our first Valentine’s Day with, they were pretty simple. I made the faces for my dolls and they were just a few little things that I put on the doll’s face. They only had two main features on their face. I created ears for my dolls that were made from some black fabric and a hair bow.

But then I thought, hmm, this isn’t a really cool looking doll. So I thought it would be cool if they had a little loop in their ears. This lead me to creating these lala loopsy dolls.

The lala is just a simple doll that looks so much like the doll from my last Valentines Day, that I thought I would create a new doll. I also wanted to get one that looked like the old one because I thought that would be fun, but I also thought we all had different tastes. So I created a new version of the lala from the original and I think that’s pretty cool.

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