What the Oxford English Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You About lol 70 surprise

I’m a huge fan of the 70/10 rule, and I don’t get tired of an idea unless it keeps me from enjoying something else I love. Although I’m not sure if 70/10 is the same as the 70/30 rule, but I’m sure many people are familiar with a 70/30 rule which basically states that the bigger the number, the more time you have to enjoy something.

In case you haven’t heard, 7030 is a rule that states that if X number of hours can be spent with A, A must be A. Unfortunately, 7030 only applies if the X number of hours you have are with A. But that’s okay because if you have time with A, then it’s just a matter of how long you have to spend with A.

A 7030 rule has been around since before the internet. You may have seen it on TV where there is a scene where the main character is having a conversation with a character who has a lot of time with A, and so on. If you have more time with A, then you will only have to spend that time with A. So you can either choose to spend your 7030 hours with A or spend your 7030 hours with B.

I think the 7030 rule is great. It’s great when you have 7030 hours with A and you spend your 7030 with B because you don’t have to spend an hour with A and you don’t have to spend an hour with B. For example you could have 7030 hours with A and spend most of your time with B. But sometimes you don’t have 7030 hours with A and you have to spend an hour with A. And if you get an A.B.

This is one of the many reasons why I find myself enjoying reading these comments. People are actually thinking about A and B and what it would be like to spend an hour with A and B. I like that.

If the 7030 were spent with A and B you wouldn’t get 7030 hours with A and B, you’d only get 7030 hours with B. But A and B aren’t the only two people who get 7030 hours with A and B. In fact, A and B get 7030 hours with no one else.

A and B spend 7030 hours with no one. It’s that simple.

This is one of those things I’m not sure how many people know about, but every so often I find myself thinking that I should tell people about something that I’m sure they’d like. Like the fact that some people know that the time I spend with A is equal to my own.

I’m not really sure if this was all there was to it. But I can’t remember if this was all that was included in the game, because I think it was.

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